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Prepare for open-sourcing

  • Prepared index.js file which exports the main library classes (the interface) thus hiding the internal structure and alowing a client to import classes like
const {ServerClient} = require('rdf4js').server
const ServerClientConfig = require('rdf4js').server.ServerClientConfig;
const {ServerClient, ServerClientConfig} = require('rdf4js').server;
  • Created a build script which
  • transpiles src files and copies them in the lib folder
  • copy the index.js in lib
  • generate the typescript definitions types.d.ts file in lib
  • generate doc
  • Updated package.json
  • point the index.js as a main entry point
  • point the types.d.ts as typescript definition file (#typings)
  • list #files which npm should publish: lib, index.js, types.d.ts,, LICENSE
  • removed obsolete scripts
  • fixed main path in webpack config - TBD: consider removing webpack from the project
  • gitignored *.tgz archives - those could be generated during development with npm pack for testing purposes


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